Data Team

To ensure the accuracy of the AI's operations, our Data Team spent two years and collected nearly 20-year long of data from the well-known football leagues. This set of data contains the overall performance, results, players' performance, score time, fouls, H2H and other data of each team involved. With the input of this significant data, we are able to generate more accurate odds and innovate multiple ways in playing. The Data Analysis Department is responsible in executing an in-depth performance analysis to produce meaningful indicators and outputs for the players. We believe it is important for our clients to have an overview of the betting preferences of their players in order to make an informed business decisions such as restrictions or offers.

Risk Management Department

Our experienced Risk Management Team is always monitoring every activity under surveilance and the detection of any suspicious users/bets with the help of our AI system. With this special team in place, we can reduce the risk level and optimise the return for our clients.

Development Department

Our first-class Development Department has a sophisticated portfolio in Odds API, Sports Betting API, Sportsbook solution and more such as: insurance, 12Goal, Lay Correct Score. We are also the first-in-the-market to have developed the Myanmar odds, widening the players' betting experience further.

Latest bet types launching soon:



To win a bet, you only need either the home or away team to score a goal.

Fantasy match

Fantasy Match indicates the pairing of teams from different matches across all sports.


Non-stop parlay

Parlay with higher flexibility allowing players to decide whether to continue the mix parlay or to settle the bet.


Control Time Settlement

Players can decide the settlement time of a ticket.



An advance settlement provides advance billing in the betting ticket.