Data Team

To ensure the accuracy of the AI's operations. Our date team spent 2 years collecting nearly 20 years worth of data from various football leagues. The data covers the teams overall performance, results, player performance, score time, fouls, H2H and other data. With the huge data support, we are not only give accurate odds, but also develop many unique innovative ways of playing. The data analysis department will also do performance analysis for the players. Its important to let them know the betting preferences of players and make restrictions or offers.

Risk Management Department

Our experienced Risk Management Team 24/7 to have AI system under surveilance and detection for suspicious users/bets.

The risk team can effectively reduce the risks and ensure profits for the operators.

Development Department

Our first-class development department have developed many new bet types such as: insurance, 12Goal, Lay Correct Score. We also successfully developed the 1st Myanmar odds, making sure that users have a different betting experience.

Latest bet types launching soon:



To win the bet, you need simply one goal from either home or away team.

Fantasy match

Fantasy matches are pairings of teams from different matches between all sports.


Non-stop parlay

More flexible parlay allows member to decide whether to continue the mix parlay or to settle the bet.


Specific time settlement

Member can decide the settlement time for a ticket to settle.



An advance settlement provides advance billing in the betting ticket.