AI System

Automatic Detect Suspicious Betting
Auto-Detect Suspicious Betting

Our articial intelligence (AI) system is designed to monitor and analyse the odds or the amount of the player's betting as well as the market odds float. Upon completing a comprehensive betting analysis, the AI system categorises any player who exhibits suspicious betting behaviour into ‘abnormal betting' and this will raise an alert to the Risk/Fraud Department for verification/investigation.

Automatic Close Market
Automated Market Closing

The system will determine whether the market needs to be closed (red card possibility/penalty possibility/chaos on the court/player disputes, etc.) according to the form of walking on the ground, and greatly reduce the risk of not being favored.

Odds Opening Development

Wansheng Sports revamped the traditional method and applied a new data development method to cater for the Southeast Asia's market. This method taps into the league data, the recent status of each team, player and even the coaching method of the team to generate the most accurate market and odd.

Greater Profit Margin
Optimised Profit Margin

The AI system includes the big data of all leagues and events to generate the odds and automatically make adjustment (API/WHITE LABEL) to ensure our clients' profit and risk-control are optimised.

Automatic Accept Ticket
Automated Ticket Acceptance/Processing

Break the traditional manual accept betting ticket, the system will quickly receive the bet ticket after the player bets.

Payment System

Deposit & Withdraw Request
Deposit & Withdraw Request/Processing

Players can request for deposit and withdrawal almost instantly as our trained agents can approve each request with just a few clicks.

Unlimited Cash In & Out
Daily Unlimited Cash In & Out

Unlimited cash in and out every day for every cash system player.

Bank Account Setup
Bank Account Setup

The agents can assist the players to set-up their bank accounts and configure it under deposit or withdrawal category. Beside, player bank account can be saved in backend system.

Promotion Setup
Promotions Setup

The agents can build and customise any promotion on our backend system. Players can choose the promotions that appeal to them whenever they request for a deposit.

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