Main Features:

Report & Forecast
Report & Forecast Tracking

System can compile a detailed report including transaction details, events result and forecast to the operators.

Reward & Bonus Management System
Reward & Bonus Management System

The system featured with a reward incentive schemes, it allows operator to customize a reward/bonus plan to the loyal customers and boost higher return rate of users.

Risk Management
Adequate Risk Management

With years of experience in sports betting, our professional team can reduce the risk and ensure the targeted profitability.

Techincal Supports & Customer Supports
24/7 Technical Supports & Customer Supports

Our special teams are always available and ready to help you with your problems.

Several Type Of Famous Product
Inclusive of Popular Gaming Products

We have several type of famous product such as Live Casino,E-Games,Cock-Fight,Thai Lotto and many more from Europe and Asia country.

Regular Update & Feature Upgrade
Regular Feature Upgrade & Updates

We will regularly update and upgrade our product feature to give players better gaming experience.

Multiple Currency
Multiple Currencies Available

We offer a wide range of currencies including MYR, THB, USD, SGD, JPY, KRW, IDR, MMK, VND and others to remove your worry about the payment process.

Brand Authorization
Brand Authorization

We provide comprehensive white label and API solution services. Easy and quick integration to your website and save your precious time and cost.

Anti Fraud System
Anti Fraud System

Our intelligence system has the capability to monitor players' activities and detect potential payment fraud or bonus abuse.

Access Right & Roles
Access Right & Roles Assignment

Our clients have the flexibility to customise and grant access to the assigned admins, depending on their roles and responsibilities.

Custom Website Design
Exclusive Website Design

Professional unique website design for both member site and back office according to the requirement of the operator's needs.

Backend System
Easy Access to Backend System

We always monitor the stability of the system and appliances and provide maintenance services.

Content Management System (CMS)
Content Management System (CMS)

We put every effort in making sure the CMS is an advanced front-end operating system to ensure our clients are empowered to create any type of content deemed desirable to their targeted audience. For instance, our clients can tap into our odds banner to boost their promotional offers. The best part is, our clients can even customise their website banner's content based on the sports events, matches and bet markets!

Multiple Language
Multiple Language Available

To keep up with the borderless digital market, we provide our clients with up to ten different languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Khmer and Spanish.

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