Main Features:

WS Sportsbook Platform
WS Online Sportsbook Platform

WS Sports offers as high as 10 markets in a single sport event and five different market odds: Hong Kong, Malay, Indonesian, Euro, and Myanmar to cater for your diverse market needs.

Multiple Currency
Supports Multiple Currencies

We offer a wide range of currencies including MYR, THB, USD, SGD, JPY, KRW, IDR, MMK, VND and others to remove your worry about the payment process.

Techincal Supports
Responsive Technical Support

Offer 24/7 technical support to ensure your enquiries to be solved in the shortest time.

Backend System
Easy Access to Backend System

We always monitor the stability of every operating system and execute regular maintenance services to ensure the quality as well consistency.

Regular software upgrade
Continuous Software Upgrade

Software will be upgraded regularly to ensure our system stability and performance.

AI Technology
State-of-the-art Technology

Adapted the most advanced AI technology has drastically reduced the probability of making mistakes in trading, with the featured of AI technology, system able to operate automatically to accept, close and detects suspicious bets. With this easy and safe solution will surely bring more profit to the integrator and minimize the risk at the same time.

Seamless and Transfer Integration Options
Seamless Integration

We have established two kinds of integration - seamless wallet and transfer wallet integration to provide a higher flexbility.

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